While we all look forward to the first blossoms of spring after a long, cold winter, this time of year can end up creating havoc in the lives of allergy and asthma sufferers. Mold and pollen in the air produce runny noses and sniffles for millions of people while increasing the likelihood of respiratory problems and potentially dangerous asthma attacks. At CCOM Medical Group, we work with you in identifying triggers, evaluating your health history and conducting tests to help better diagnose and manage your condition.

Seasonal Allergies In Oklahoma

With the arrival of spring, flowering trees begin to bud and eventually burst into bloom, spreading pollen throughout the air and on any exposed surfaces. Combined with crabgrasses and mold that can increase after spring rains, many people find themselves suffering from seasonal allergies and an increased likelihood of asthma attacks. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) reports that as many as 50 million people suffer from the effects of these conditions, which can eventually lead to serious breathing difficulties and respiratory infections.

While both allergies and asthma can be triggered by allergens such as dust, mold, and pollen in the environment, it is important to be aware of the way in which they are different:

  • Asthma is a chronic disease that causes chest tightness and shortness of breath due to narrowing and inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which are airways in the lungs.
  • Allergies result from an intolerance of certain substances and often involve wheezing and shortness of breath as well, but can also be accompanied by sneezing, coughing, fatigue, and unexplained rashes.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America encourages patients experiencing any of the above symptoms to consult with one of our doctors. If you are experiencing any difficulty in breathing or chest pains, seek urgent medical care immediately.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

Do not let allow asthma or seasonal allergies stand in the way of participating in activities you enjoy. Contact CCOM Medical Group and request an appointment at our Muskogee, Oklahoma office or stop by our urgent care walk-in clinic today. By looking at your medical history and conducting certain types of diagnostic testing, such as x-rays, skin tests, and blood work, we can determine the underlying causes so that your condition can be better managed.